10 Years of Wishing Well

We started the first-ever Wishing Well music-making sessions with The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton in 2013! We have witnessed so many magical musical moments over our first decade and in 2023 we reflecting on what that means for us.

Feasibility Study with Sussex Community Foundation NHS Trust

This film covers the process and findings of our Feasibility Study with Arundel Community Hospital in West Sussex, exploring how live, participatory music making can improve the wellbeing of patients with dementia, visiting families and the healthcare staff and impact on hospital culture as a whole.

Wishing Well at the Emerald Unit

Made in 2015 on Emerald Ward at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, this short film captures the impact of live music making in a specialist dementia ward for people living with dementia, their families and the staff who look after them.

Wishing Well at The Alex

“Wishing Well at The Alex” was filmed in 2014 at The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton. It shows the many ways that music-making can support children and families during their hospital stay; giving them voice, choice and interactions that have nothing to do with what is wrong with them, that shine a light on what they can do.

The Musicians Story

Made in 2016 in a number of locations supporting people living with dementia, this film is an opportunity to hear from our team of Musicians in Healthcare.

Songs for Baby and You

A 20 minute song-collection, recorded with newborn babies and their families in mind. We hope you enjoy singing along if you want to or just grabbing a rare moment to relax! Made in association with Rockinghorse Children’s Charity with funding from The National Foundation for Youth Music, and The Early Birth Association.

Contact Jo White via email for more information: [email protected] Or via the contact form wishingwellmusic.org.uk/contact