“Music helps children let out big feelings sideways. You help us to see the child beyond the health condition.”

Janet Lee, Critical Care Practitioner, The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton

How do you feel when you hear your favourite song?

We are all hard wired to respond to music. Before birth, we start to develop responses to sound stimuli. Lullabies send us to sleep as babies, childhood songs help us to learn and as teens, our musical tastes influence our dress codes and friendship groups. Music is uniquely placed to reach people of all ages and it has been affecting our mood, our memories and our sense of identity since time immemorial.

Most importantly, music gives voice to people who, because of their health or disabilities, may have limited ways of communicating. Music makes us human. It brings us together, enabling us to share a positive experience even at very difficult times.

kendal and zoe wishing well team

Exploring strings, at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

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