Rhythmix are delighted to have our Wishing Well project featured in Brighton and Hove County Council’s ‘The Art of Good Health’ report. The report highlights the positive impact that being involved in the arts can have on health and wellbeing from cradle to grave. The report demonstrates that the arts can be delivered in almost any setting, including hospitals.


At Rhythmix we believe strongly that there should be no barriers to access the arts. The report features our Wishing Well work at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital. Our trained music leaders go onto the wards three times a week, bringing acoustic instruments and music technology right to children’s bedsides. The interactions provide vital stimulation to help them develop, distracts from uncomfortable procedures, and creates a sense of community between children, families, and hospital staff. You can read our case study in the report here.

Rhythmix Chair Alastair Beddow said, “The Art of Good Health report makes a clear case for the benefit of further investment in arts and music to support the public health agenda. It is fantastic to see Rhythmix’s work at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital being championed by this report. With further support, Rhythmix can continue to expand the impact of our work bringing music making opportunities to some of the most vulnerable people across the South East, and in doing so to improve the quality of life for people across a range of healthcare settings.”