Hi folks!
I’m Rachel – the newest recruit at Rhythmix, in the role of Project Assistant for the Wishing Well programme. I’m super excited to be on board with Rhythmix and I’m already getting stuck in to the planning for 2019.  What a fabulous charity and ethos… a joy to be a part of!
I come from an Arts background, having been an art teacher in East Sussex and then branching out into community engagement and project management.  Career-wise, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing individuals and organisations over the last 15 years; including a 6 year stint at the Royal Albert Hall, as community engagement officer and various Arts/Education engagement roles at charities and venues down in Devon including the Hannah Rogers Trust and Torre Abbey.   I’m a visual artist and a music-maker – currently prioritising all things connected with creativity, health and well-being in my life.
I’m passionate about using the arts to care, connect and collaborate and feel that music – in all its gloriously diverse forms – is a vital component in a healthy community and all of its individuals.  Facing health issues myself, I’m a complete convert to the use of music in healthcare settings – our hospitals and hospices are such alien environments, far removed from what we’re all used to day-to-day, so isn’t music (making and listening!) a brilliant way to bridge the gap between hospital and home… not to mention the positive impact that music can have on our brains and nervous systems!!  So yeah – I’m in!
When I’m not at Wishing Well, I’m mostly painting birds at the moment (hence the Canada Geese!).  You can find my work on Instagram @Racheypainter if you like!  I’m also really interested in storytelling, folklore, illustration and singing… so an all-round creative bod, looking forward to taking music out there 🙂